The Royal Family: the secrets behind perfection

The members of The Royal Family are probably the most envied people on the planet. Not because they are rich, people want more than that these days, but because of the power they have, the fact that they are respected by people from all over the world. But have you ever wondered what is behind those impeccable smiles and perfect postures?

Recently, the Queen̍s favorite nephew, prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle had a controversial interview with the famous Oprah Winfrey that silenced the whole world. Why? Because we are talking about things such as suicidal thoughts and racism. It was not the first time Oprah wanted to do an interview with them, especially with Meghan, but they did not think it would be appropriate at that time. Winfrey asked Meghan what is right about this time? The answer: They are able now to make their own choices without being controlled.

Let’s start by saying that, apparently, being in the spotlight can be torture. Meghan admitted that she had only left their house twice in four months; it was as if she was a prisonier in her own home. ”I am everywhere, but I am nowhere”. That was the way she expressed how she felt. In the end, that protection that they seemed to have for Meghan turned out to be unreal and she realised that Harry and her were more in danger that protected. And what endangered them the most? The lies that the family was telling to protect others, but never them! That was, in some way, the first red flag for her!

Afterwards, things got worse. Meghan had a period of isolation and building a wall around all the feelings of anxiety and depression. Because she knew it was wrong to turn her husband against his family, The Duchess of Sussex could find only one escape: taking her own life. ”I just didn’t want to be alive anymore! And that was a very clear, frightening, constant thought.” Meghan acknowledged the fact that it was really hard to tell her husband that she really needed help and that she had such an idea, but he was the only one that always stood by her. Unfortunately, that wasn’t even the hardest part! Meghan knew she needed help, but when she went to the institution, she was told that this would’t be good for the publicity. Just imagine gathering all your strength to recognize what is happening to you, but to be told ”no” and then you have to recover on your own because you mustn’t show your weakness in front of the public.

After a long discussion about the way Meghan escaped her dark thoughts, prince Harry made his appearance in the interview and started talking about the reason why he had to leave The Royal Family, to be safe with his new one and what happened after that. Looks like the skin color that little Archie was going to have represented an issue. Leaving aside the fact that he was not going the receive a title, which meant that he wouldn’t have any protection, there were many conversations with Harry about how would look like if his son would have darker skin. Than he decided that it wasn’t safe to keep his child and his wife in such a toxic environment anymore, because of the control and the fear of the U.K. tabloids. The press strangled them and, knowing that his brother, William, has a duty to the Royal Family that he doesn’t have, Harry felt free to leave. The Duke of Sussex admitted that his relationship with the Royal Family was not the same after that, especially with William. Because of the fact that they were inseparable as kids, that distance between them is like a shard in the heart. The two of them were most recently reunited at their grandfather’s funeral. Prince Harry managed to be close to his family again in honor of prince Philip one last time.

There are still a lot of things that we don’t know yet! Who had a problem with Archie’s skin color? Are Harry and Meghan the only ones that wanted to escape? Is the Royal Family actually trapped by the tabloids? Should we expect more surprises? We might need a sequel, hopefully the answers to these questions aren’t too confidential! Until then, we can be sure of one thing: giving up a title and the protection of your powerful family means love! Harry always had the gift of listening to his heart, meanwhile his brother is and constantly has been the one that put his duties on the first place. Maybe not because he wants to, but because he is supposed to. Through these aspects and more, we can all see that William is following Charles’ steps, but Harry is following Diana’s!

Editor: Iova Alexia Ștefania

Grafician: Marilena Bivolaru