Racism and gender discrimination. Still a torment

We can all agree to the fact that, nowadays, being different in any way, has become a problem.

From the beginning of time, people of color have always been excluded, without any chance of a normal life in a nation, just for the fact that they have been born looking different. Still, after all this years, when it may seem better, this is still a problem that can break someone’s potential and dreams from a young age by being bullied and limited by critiquing themselves.

But no one is born racist; no one has racism in their DNA. They become like that only because of others, and the environment that they’re being raised in. They’re not being educated as they should, taught to accept all the people, and value them for what they can achieve, for what their dreams and ideas are, but for how they look.

In 2020, everyone kinda seemed to understand how all of this hate makes them feel, and how bad it became. Everyone fought for their life, especially in America, protesting that „black lives matters”, but what was needed for this to happen? An innocent man was brutally killed in front of everyone by a white cop, just for being black, begging for his life, while the cop was blocking his throat with his knee.

That was the moment when many people realized that this is not normal, that we live in a society that provides the right to be protected, that everyone has equal rights, and they shouldn’t be treated differently or feel like their life is in danger. They acted, all united, ready to do anything in order to help and save them from the torment that they have lived in since they’ve known, hopefully providing a better future for the ones to come.

Another problem that just hasn’t been solved yet, it’s the gender discrimination that even if is beginning to go in a right direction in some countries; in others it’s not even close. For a great society, it is important that both male and female have equal rights and opportunities, without any discrimination in order to achieve a higher development in a state. At the beginning of time, a woman was seen good only for the household activities and caring for the kids, being unable to work, or even to express her own thoughts, just because she was born a woman.

In this case, justice was the one who needed to realize that a change was necessary for the United Nations to ensure fair judgement, but it needed to come from someone, from the people who wanted the change to happen. Being a woman means going through your life with fear of being criticized, and being a teenage girl it’s even worse, especially now. The purpose of gender equality is to make the world that we live in, a safer place for all women, to help and offer them equal chances in justice.

Fortunately, after many discussions and battles on this subject, many nations have already adopted a declaration that sustains the equality that must exist between both man and female, for a healthy and great development of the nation. Meanwhile, even in the twenty-first century, some countries are treating women in unimaginable ways, from mass aggression by their husbands, to being forced to do things they don’t desire, buried in household and care hold, being told that this is the only thing that they are good at.

The race and gender discrimination were all problems that needed an impulse to be changed, problems that are not solved everywhere, yet it may seem like we’re going in a good direction, all of this because we chose to take action. We could solve so many problems if we would just start thinking about the others, all of us, and not just ourselves, because after all, we’re the same.

Editor: Cismaru Lucian

Grafician: Marilena Bivolaru

Ariana Andreea Bizon
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